Who is Brenda Martinez?

Brenda Martinez promo photo

Brenda Martinez is an accordionist and vocalist from San Antonio, TX. Her preferred style is conjunto music, which has earned her the nickname of “La Reina de Polkas.”

Brenda began learning to play the accordion as a teen with help from her dad, who was also a musician. She continued for several years, playing with some of the best in San Antonio, but then took a long break. In 2017, wondering if she could still play, she picked the instrument up after over a decade of not playing, and to her delight, it all came flooding back to her.

Ever since, she has been determined to get better and better and has shared the stage with legends like Gilberto Perez and the one and only Flaco Jimenez.

Brenda is voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammys), a songwriter registered with BMI and recorded her very first record, Favoritas de Mis Padres, in summer 2019, and it is available NOW on Rancho Alegre Records. You can find it on all digital platforms and you can buy the CD and Vinyl LP at https://shop.ranchoalegre.org!